Yasunari Tsuru (都留靖也) is a character in number24. He is a first year and number 11. He plays in the left wing bucks position in the Doshisha University Team.


Yasunari is a young man with short red hair and blue eyes.


Yasunari is usually quiet and doesn't talk much.


Yasunari came to school and saw Natsusa Yuzuki being back, but completely ignored him and went to sit. Natsusa greeted him, asking him how he was, but Yasunari just told him "yes" and kept looking at his phone. Natsusa then started talking about their games when he was gone, as Seiichirou had shown him some videos, but Yasunari told him that if he was going to give him and advice, he didn't need one, especially from him and then stood up and moved away from Natsusa.



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