Sunao Konoe (近衛素直) is a character in number24. He is a second year and number 13. He plays in the bucks, right center position in the Doshisha University Team.


Sunao is a young man with medium long light violet hair and dark blue/gray eyes.



Natsusa Yuzuki was speaking with Sunao, who asked him if he was trying to bring Ibuki back and Natsusa confirmed, and explained what he tried, but with no luck so far. Sunao wondered why he want him back and Natsusa told him, they had better chance at getting first with him back. Sunao told him they had won the last two fixtures without Ibuki, but Natsusa told him it will be hard to go against Koufuuin without Ibuki and that Sunao should know how smoothly things went when Ibuki was in the team. Sunao then recalled a moment he played with Ibuki when he was impressed and agreed with Natsusa. Natsusa also told him that if Ibuki was back, his twisted play style would really shine and Sunao agreed saying he can't win against Natsusa.



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