Natsusa Yuzuki (柚木夏紗) is the main character in number24. He used to play back left wing in the Doshisha University Rugby team. Because of the accident, he missed a year of university and is now repeating his first year.


Natsusa has an orange hair that fades down into a peach-coloured hair that reaches his ears. He also has vibrant green eyes and delicate facial features. Natsusa used to have a muscular body before the accident. And afterwards lost muscles and has a rather slim body. Natsusa is usually seen wearing a white hoodie with green cat eyes on it, blue pants, and black boots.


Natsusa loves rugby but after the accident, he was not able to play anymore. He still wanted to be part of the rugby and decided to become a manager. Although he knew he looked pathetic, he decided to not worry about it, as that would mean he loved himself more than he loved rugby.

Natsusa has a sadistic personality and is a bully, but would rather show this side of him to Ibuki. He rarely bullies anyone, but he goes all out when he is bullying Ibuki.

He has a few phrases he flatters his seniors, as most don't realize what he is doing, they end up liking him, thinking he admires them. These phrases include: "Huh? Really?!" - "You sure know your stuff." - "I learned a lot from you!" and lastly "Huh? Really? I really want to go!"

-Natsusa Episode 1

When in arguments with his childhood friend (Seiichirou Shingyouji) he usually ends up annoyed due to Seiichirou's personality. Seiichirou's pacifistic personality causes him to not get mad at Natsusa in fights, this then causing Natsusa to get even more annoyed. These fights normally last a long time.

Fun Fact: His hernia will turn red when he goes into hot places eg: baths and hot springs.

Background Edit

  • Natsusa was riding on the back of a friend's bike, when they got hit by a car. As a result, Natsusa received heavy injuries and hernia (most likely Cervical Radiculopathy[1][2]), which stopped him from being able to continue playing rugby.
  • Six months later, he returned to university. Because of his absence from university Natsusa was set back a year, this then moving him into the same year as [Mashiro|Yuu Mashiro] and [Tsuru|Yasunari Tsuru].
  • As he no longer was able to play rugby, he decided to become the team manager, this worrying Seiichirou Shingyouji even more than he was before but Natsusa assured him he would be fine. Since he was just starting, he didn't really know how to fufill manager duties properly and was often found messing up demeaning tasks. Tasks like forgetting to wash the bottles, forgetting to shake the sand from the towels before putting them in the washing machine and watering down the sports drinks (we later find out he did this because it was the way Ibuki liked his drinks to be).
  • Yuu Mashiro faints during practice and Natsusa takes him to the hospital. There he finds out that Yuu suffers from gastric ulcer caused due to an immense amount of stress. Natsusa, worried about Yuu asks him if he really loves rugby to that he answers yes. Later Natsusa invites Yuu Mashiro to become one of the managers. 



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