Kotori Kureha (呉羽 小鳥) is a character in number24. He is a first year and number 21. He is in the backs or reserve in the Doshisha University Team.


Kotori is a young boy with short blond hair and blue eyes.


Kotori is usually quite and not very talkative. He hates his name and prefer if people don't say it often.


Yayoi and Kotori Kureha both came to Doshisha University from Fukuoka South High School.

Yayoi and Kotori were eating with Fuuga Saitou, when Natsusa Yuzuki and Seiichirou Shingyouji came. Yayoi stood up to introduce himself, but Natsusa already knew both of their names, which made Yayoi happy he remembered their names. Natsusa started to talk about the previous games he had played with them, but Kotori stopped him and told him to not say his name that often, as he hates it.

Later Yayoi and Kotori were with Natsusa, Fuuga and Yuu Mashiro, where Natsusa commented his app was really good and maybe he needs to quit being a manager and start his own company. Hearing that Fuuga and Yayoi quickly disagreed, wanting Yuu to stay. Kotori then brought up their game tomorrow, and Natsusa commented their opponent haven't changed much, so it would be easy to defeat them like last year. Natsusa then told them about Koufuuin University Team, which was the main reason they always end up being second.



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