Ikuto Yufu (由布郁斗) is a character in number24. He is a fourth year and number 12. He plays in the left center bucks position in the Doshisha University Team.


Ikuto is a young man with light blue medium long hair and blue eyes.


Ikuto is quite smart and unlike some of the players, he doesn't fall for Natsusa's flattery, although even when he explains it to them, they don't realized they got fooled.


When Natsusa Yuzuki returned and met some of the players, Ikuto saw Ethan Taylor lifting Natsusa and told him to put him down since it was Natsusa's first day. Moments later, when Gakuto Zaitsu told everyone to go stretching, Natsusa was asking Gakuto if he was annoying and if that was the reason he didn't want him there, but Ikuto came and told Natsusa to not cause trouble for Gakuto. Natsusa wanted to be manager and Ikuto told him that since the fixtures had started and they didn't had enough players, he would be of a help.

Later at the team meeting, Ikuto introduced Natsusa as a new trainer and manager for the team and asked for applause, but most members were speechless and surprised.

On the next day, while Natsusa was helping Seiichirou Shingyouji train, Ikuto came wondering what they were talking. Seiichirou asked Ikuto if Natsusa can stay in the dorms and Ikuto agreed that it would be easier since he is the manager and also used to live in the dorms too. He then left to discuss it with the coach and Gakuto.

The following day, Natsusa had convinced Yuu Mashiro to become a manager too and Ikuto went to him frustrated asking him what he was doing. Natsusa explained that he told him they need more managers, so he got more, but Ikuto told him he didn't mean to recruit managers from the players. Other players joined their conversation, wanting sexy female managers, but Natsusa played them with flattery and they agreed on his decision about Yuu. Ikuto tried to tell them they were made fools, but they didn't hear him.



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