Fuuga Saitou (斉藤風雅) is a character in number24. He is a first year, and number 1 and plays in the forward, left prop position in the Doshisha University Team.


Fuuga is large overweight boy with short black hair.


Fuuga is cheerful and really admires Natsusa and gets motivated when he is around.


When Natsusa Yuzuki came back to school, Fuuga went to him, telling him he was worried for him and if he should be back so soon. Natsusa told him he will be first year like him and Fuuga was excited and told him he will support him as much as he can. As Fuuga was sweating a lot, Natsusa told him if he could wipe it and Fuuga apologized and proceeded to wipe it with a towel.

Later when Natsusa announced he will be one of the managers, Fuuga if he will be washing their uniforms, help them stretch, be their timekeeper. As Natsusa confirmed, Fuuga got excited and felt really motivated.



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