Ethan Taylor (イーサン・テイラー) is a character in number24. He is a third year and plays in the forward, number 8 position in the Doshisha University Team.


Ethan is young well build man with medium long blond hair and green eyes.


Ethan speaks with an english accent. He really wants to have a sexy female manager in their team, as that would motivate him more. He usually falls for Natsusa's flattering phrases.


When Natsusa Yuzuki returned to Doshisha University, Ethan was excited and lifted him up, but was told to be careful with him and he put him down apologizing. He wondered if he lost height in the hospital, but Sousuke Yamada guessed he lost muscle mass, but Syouta U though he was the same as usual.

Later when Yuu Mashiro became manager, Ikuto Yufu told Natsusa he needed to recruit people that were not from the team. Ethan, Sousuke and Syouta told him they wanted a beautiful, sexy female, as that would motivate them more. Natsusa mentioned a few good qualities of Yuu and uses his flattering phrases which made them think they were smart and they agreed with him and left. Ikuto tried to tell them they were made fools, but they didn't hear him.



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